US Warehouse BittBoy FC Mini Handheld White

  • $39.99

Only for US Customers. DO NOT BUY if you are from OTHER COUNTRIES as we only have the stock in our US warehouse.

Get your retro gaming on with the BittBoy. The console is tiny and boasts a 2.2 inch IPS screen and rechargeable battery.

Bullet points:

1. Cute & Small Design

2. Great Display with 2.2" IPS screen ( Remember to take off the screen protector )

3. Excellet  Audio output- Big and clear "in-game" sounds

4. Rechargeable battery with about 3 hours battery life

5. Connect to TV with supplied TV out cable


- Color: White

- Material: ABS 

- size at 6.8x9.9x1.3cm

- 2.2" IPS Display screen

- TV Output

- Languages: English 

- Supports FC/ NES games

- 500mAh lithium battery 

- Weight: 200g

Package Contains:

- BittBoy FC Classic Portable Handheld
- AV cable 
- USB charging cable