BittBoy FC Mini Handheld Red

  • $39.99

Get your retro gaming on with the BittBoy packed with 300 games. The console is tiny and boasts a 2.2 inch IPS screen and rechargeable battery.

Bullet points:

1. Cute & Small Design

2. Built-in 300 games- turn on BittBoy and you are ready to play games

3. Great Display with 2.2" IPS screen ( Remember to take off the screen protector )

4. Excellet  Audio output- Big and clear "in-game" sounds

5. Rechargeable battery with about 3 hours battery life

6. Connect to TV with supplied TV out cable


- Color: Red
- Material: ABS 
- size at 6.8x9.9x1.3cm
- 2.2" IPS Display screen
- TV Output
- Languages: English 
- Supports FC/ NES games
- 500mAh lithium battery 
- Weight: 200g

Package Contains: 
- BittBoy FC Classic Portable Handheld
- AV cable 
- USB charging cable