New BittBoy

  • $59.99

It is New BittBoy V3 with the latest customized firmware installed. Supporting more games.

Micro SD Kit: NEW BITTBOY + 8GB Micro SD


  • Loads games from MicroSD card (no games preloaded inside the device)
  • Supports game types:  NES/GB/GBC/GBA/SNES/SMD/SMS/PCE/NEOGEO
  • Save/Load game progress
  • No Ghost key issue
  • Vibration function


- Color: GB style

- Material: ABS 

- size at 6.8x9.9x1.3cm

- 2.4" IPS Display Tempared Glass screen

- Languages: English 


- 700mAh lithium battery

Package Contains: 

- New BittBoy V3
- USB charging cable